Home Remodeling and New Insulation: A Sensible Combination

A home remodeling job usually constitutes a major project. As thrilling as it may be to give your residence a whole new look, you’ve got to consider the health and wellness of the older, original structures as well. So does that mean you should re-insulate your home as you remodel? Let’s look at some reasons you should.

Timely Repair and Replacement

It should go without saying that any new addition to your home will need a certain amount of wall and ceiling insulation. However, that new insulation won’t perform as well as it should if it has to work alongside old, deteriorated insulation. Pests and moisture can cause insulation to lose its efficiency over time. In fact, 65 percent of American homes never receive sufficient insulation to begin with! You might as well make sure that all your insulation offers the same degree of thermal protection while you’re going to all the trouble to make your other home improvements.

Better Air Quality in Your Newly-Remodeled Home

The same mold and moisture that damages insulation can also introduce spores and bacteria into the air that circulates through your home, potentially making you or your loved ones sick and/or triggering allergy attacks. By installing fresh insulation during your remodel, you can help to ensure a higher standard of indoor air quality for occupants. At the same time, your technicians can address little air gaps and leaks that have been letting pollen and dust into your home. By caulking or otherwise sealing these gaps, your insulation team will also boost your residence’s energy efficiency.

One Project Instead of Two

As noted above, sooner or later your original insulation will need repair, augmentation, or replacement. When that day arrives, your insulation technicians may need to open up walls and other enclosed structures to access the insulation. Noise, dust, and debris commonly accompany these actions, so you might as well incorporate them into the chaos of your current remodeling project. You’ll also save on both labor costs and overall labor time by rolling these two significant renovation jobs into one.

Better Energy Efficiency for Better ROI

Most home remodeling jobs can rack up quite a bill, from the skilled construction and tradesperson labor to materials and cleanup costs. Anything you can do during the remodel that boosts your home’s energy efficiency could help absorb some of those costs in the long run by reducing your utility bills, especially during the long, brutal Phoenix summers. This job could prove the perfect opportunity to request an energy audit to see whether your home’s insulation can stand some improvement. You’ll end up with, not just a more beautiful and comfortable home, but also a more cost-effective one.

If you’re planning on remodeling your Phoenix-area home, and you haven’t upgraded or even thought about the state of your insulation lately, contact King Insulation today. Our skilled installers will be happy to evaluate your insulation and make sure your remodel incorporates any smart improvements that enhance your overall results.