What Does An Average Electric Bill In Phoenix Look Like?

How much have you been spending on your electric bill in Phoenix? It might surprise you to know that Phoenix is one of the most expensive cities when it comes to electricity costs. However, there are ways that you can keep these costs down.

Let’s take a close look at the average Phoenix electric bill and how you can lower those numbers.

What is the Average Electric Bill in Phoenix?

The average electricity bill in Phoenix is pretty high. This is one of the more expensive cities to live in when it comes to electricity. In fact, Arizona is the sixth most expensive state when it comes to the cost of electricity.

The cost of electricity in Phoenix is roughly $450 a month for a 2,000 square foot home. This is only slightly larger than the average size of a home in Phoenix which is 1,600 square feet.

Electricity costs get more affordable the smaller an individual’s home or apartment account is. However, the size of your home isn’t always the biggest factor when it comes to air conditioning costs. How your home is insulated can dramatically impact your electricity bill.

How Much Does Electricity Cost in Phoenix?

The average cost of electricity in Phoenix, Arizona is 11.9 cents per kilowatt hour. This is significantly higher than you would find in other parts of the country.

Part of the reason electricity is so expensive in Phoenix is because of the hot summers. People rely on their air conditioning to make their homes livable and this drives up electricity costs during those hot months.

What About Electricity Bills in Arizona?

The average monthly bill for electricity and Arizona is $128 per month. This is much higher than in other major cities like Chicago and New York which are closer to $100 per month.

The rising temperatures in Arizona are partly responsible for this increase in the cost of electricity. As more residents turn on their air conditioning, companies ratchet up the cost of electricity to increase their profit.

Why is My Electricity Bill in Phoenix so High?

There’s a lot that goes into the reason why electricity bills in Phoenix are so high. Some of those reasons are just the natural byproduct of living at one of the hottest places in the world. It takes more air conditioning power to make indoor temperatures more comfortable in these climates.

However, a big reason why electricity costs are so high is due to improper installation. Making sure your home is able to retain that temperature is one of the best ways to keep your costs down.

How Insulation Can Improve Your Energy Costs

Insulation isn’t just for keeping homes warm in colder climates. Insulation also helps keep your home cool during those hot summer months.

The job of insulation isn’t just to retain heat, but to make sure that the home’s temperature stays steady throughout the day and throughout the night. Professional insulation installation can help make sure that your home it’s comfortable and even the hottest months. High quality insulation also can help you lower your electricity bill in the years to come.