What You Need to Know About Your Commercial Building Insulation

Insulation refers to any material used to fill the spaces between our home, its walls, and the outdoor elements for the purposes of controlling sound, electricity, or temperature.  Insulation is often used to fill the cracks, gaps, crevices, and hardest-to-reach locations within a home’s structure, often to prevent energy loss.

Available in a variety of different materials, insulation can manifest in forms including electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and even soundproofing insulation.

Insulation Choices For Commercial Buildings

Commercial property owners have a wide selection of potential insulation solutions available to them. Working with a professional team of insulation installers will help to see which of the following options match your property the best.

  • Fiberglass Board — A rigid form of fiberglass board, this insulation is often turned to in order to insulate areas surrounding our HVAC systems. Board insulation helps to keep ducting from leaking heat or cool air during its operation, saving property owners on their energy bills while keeping their buildings in comfortable shape.
  • Rock Wool — Also known as mineral wool, rock wool insulation is crafted from a high-density material. Commonly used to insulate piping, this insulation choice is resistant against high-temperatures and is useful around appliances.  As an aside, hydroponic gardeners use rock wool for their plants!
  • Loose-fill Insulation — Typically crafted from some composite fiberglass and cellulose pellets, this insulation is applied through a spray to cover wall cavities, areas beneath floors, and other hard-to-cover sections of the property. This is an ideal solution for quirky areas of a building that won’t cater to conventional insulation choices.
  • Spray Foam — Finally, spray foam is an ideal solution for smaller cracks, gaps, and crannies. Applied through a semi-liquid state, this is easy insulation to use because it is dense, lightweight, and quick-to-dry for optimum insulation abilities.

Key Benefits of Using Commercial Insulation

Insulation is meant to provide our building with the protection and insulation they require to operate around-the-calendar. A simple concept yet easy to misunderstand, here are the key advantages that are provided through proper commercial insulation solutions.

Cut Down on Energy Expenses — In today’s era of analytics and efficiency, it seems almost wrong to not optimize our building against energy loss. With rising energy costs highlighted by natural disasters, reducing our energy expenditure can be a great way to save money, reduce our carbon footprint, and help our business along the way.

Decrease HVAC Wear-and-Tear — While the average modern HVAC system can live for upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance, we can still do better to provide for their longevity. An HVAC system without the benefit of proper insulation will be forced to work overtime to provide the same level of comfort in a non-insulated building.

Optimized Indoor Comfort — Finally, your employees and your clients deserve to work in and operate from a position of comfort. A properly insulated commercial building will be more comfortable in the summer, spring, fall, and winter!

Call King Insulation For Commercial Insulation Solutions!

King Insulation has been a premier provider of energy-saving insulation solutions since it first opened its doors in 1981. Happily serving the good folks of Arizona with sound and thermal insulation applications for residential, industrial, and commercial properties, there is no team more uniquely suited to solve your insulation needs!

Whether clients are working on a small business addition, or they require insulation for an entire commercial warehouse, lead-safe and EPA-certified solutions are just a call and quote away from your friends at King Insulation.